OHS, Environment and Quality Policy

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • We perform our activities to analyze and decrease the occupational health and safety risks arising in the working environment,
  • Conduct training activities in order to develop and increase the awareness in occupational health and safety issues.
  • Enabling full conformance to Occupational health & safety and related legal and other stakeholder terms. Evaluating the requests, opinion and proposals of employees, employee representatives and other interested parties about occupational health and safety, providing participation and consultation.

Our Environment Policy

  • To minimize the factors that contributes to environment pollution coming directly or indirectly from the company
  • To use resources logically and efficiently
  • To ensure continuous improvement
  • To follow and adopt Environmental Management System in order to provide consciousness to environment in all activities by performing liabilities born from present legislation is our environmental policy.

Quality Policy

  • We concluded our every Pojeleri, design, materials, workmanship and achieve the highest quality levels by providing quality services;
  • Fulfill the requirements of quality of communication within the group, to ensure a harmonious teamwork;
  • Legal requirements to fulfill contract requirements complete the legislation and employers.